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Bulk Hemp Pre-Rolls

Shop pre-rolled CBD flowers made of the highest quality hemp. Our flower Pre-Rolls provide a flavorful, potent, and authentic experience for you to enjoy!

Our pre-rolls are guaranteed to have less than .3% THC. Made with the finest PNW hemp flower specifically for both CBD and CBG content providing a foundation for the most potent natural experiences you will ever come across, setting us apart from any other company in our field of expertise.

0-500 – $0.90 per Pre-Roll
500-2000 – $0.80 per Pre-Roll
2000-5000 – $0.70 per Pre-Roll
5000+ – $0.57 per Pre-Roll

Process your own hemp flower into pre-rolls and save $0.10 a piece! *Minimum 1,000 Pre-Rolls